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Cooking for Parents of Young Children

Make and Munch


A series of 6 Make and Munch cooking sessions this can be run in the playgroup/childrens centre/nursery sessions currently already running

We can agree a suitable alternative time with parents to run an independent session separately. The sessions run for 2 - 2.5 hours and include a number of recipes for parents and children to help cook. Activities for the children are also provided. A nutritionist will be available for advice and information about weaning and fussy eating. The group will then sit down and eat the meal together. Themes include: breakfast, lunchbox and snacks, evening meals, leftovers, family favourites.

We work hard to ensure that HALFF reaches all members of the community, but we would appreciate all the help we can get from other active community groups that work with families and young children. Please help us to spread the word about HALFF and our activities by displaying posters and leaflets during your sessions, and signposting people to us if they have nutrition or healthy eating questions or problems that you feel would be suitable for us to answer and help with.

Make and Munch sessions have been successfully running in the area for a number of years, with very positive feedback from those that attend and health professionals.


We want to provide you with all the information you need to feed your child healthily.

Please read through the website for information on feeding your child. If you would like to speak to us for more information, or you would like come to one of our sessions please call 01297 631782 or email


HALFF run "Make and Munch" cooking and nutrition sessions to teach parents of young children about a healthy diet and how to cook simple meals that are both nutritious and healthy, helping children grow up healthier and able to enjoy a better quality of life.