Charity Registration Number 1121605

About us

Health and Local Food for Families (HALFF) is a registered charity set up to help people, especially those who are vunerable, disadvantaged and isolated to cook delicious healthy food for themselves and their families.

Our sessions help people to avoid some of the problems linked with being overweight or obese.  Obesity increases the chance of being bullied at school and suffering from depression.  It is also linked to deprivation, so HALFF works as much as possible with the most disadvantaged groups in the community.

We also work with older people who may already be suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease to help them to learn to cook and eat appropriately.

Our Aims

  • To improve the health of families, particularly those who are most disadvantaged, in East Devon, South Somerset and West Dorset particularly, but not exclusively, by the provision of appropriate education on healthy eating.
  • To improve knowledge of good quality local food producers and suppliers.
  • To improve access to good quality food - local where possible.

HALFF is a registered Charity.

How HALFF works
Our projects try to ensure that people can translate their knowledge into cooking healthy food for themseves and their families. We work closely with health visitors and GPs in Axminster to ensure that we complement their activities.

HALFF run monthly cooking demonstrations for our Axminster and Seaton Heart Hub members alongside regular, informative newsletters.

In Exmouth and Axminster we cook with the local youth groups, offering vulnerable children the chance to learn skills in the kitchen and have fun at the same time.

In 2015 a new project concentrating on parents and carers begins, as part of this we will provide information on healthy eating, sensible shopping and local food producers, as well as regular social cooking groups.

Finally, our shop in South Street, Axminster sells fresh and local fruit, veg, ready meals and soups as well as condiments, and acts as a hub for members of the community seeking information on healthy eating.

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